Facebook to Launch Cryptocurrency

By Dale Gillham | Published 28 May 2019

In recent events, Facebook plans to launch its own cryptocurrency in 2020 by buying Coinbase. While this sounds exciting, on the surface, there are a lot of regulatory issues to navigate prior to the launch. In the past month, Facebook shares have dropped a little but like other FAANG stocks, it looks bullish over the medium to long.

In other news, wealth equality in America in 2019 is becoming a serious issue with many starting to ask are US executives paid too much given that top executive salaries in the US can be a 1000 times higher than the average employee wage as reported by MyLogIQ. The question has to be asked why do American CEOs make so much when the average salary in the US is so low.

So what’s happening in the US stock market? The Dow Jones average has been trading down over the past four weeks, with both the Dow and the S&P 500 Index down just over 4 percent in the past month. So why is the stock market down and what is the future outlook for the US stock market?

The current fall unfolding in the market is normal and while both the S&P 500 Index and Dow Jones average may still fall slightly more, now is the time to start looking for opportunities once the market turns to rise.

Apple shares have fallen by 10.81 percent this month over concerns with the US and China trade war. Chinese telecom giant Huawei is a big competitor to Apple and investors are nervous with Trumps blacklisting of Huawei and how this will affect Apple shares given that Apple uses China for production of its products.

Dow Dupont is the biggest chemical conglomerate in the world and its shares are currently down 21.72 percent this month as profits slumped 28 percent. DuPont has plans for a $2 billion share buy back after spinning off from DowDuPont, with further plans to spin off into 3 separate companies including Corteva who have an agriculture seeds and chemicals business; DuPont that have specialty chemicals and Dow Chemical, which has commodity chemicals such as polyethylene and silicone.

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