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One of the key criteria of astute investing is to consider when and how you will take your profits. In other words, you need to consider your exit strategy or how you will apply a stop loss to protect your capital before you invest.

As many of you will have heard me say many times before, trading is about minimizing risk not maximizing profits. Yet it has been my experience that ...

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Everyone knows that investing in the stock market is about building wealth, but how do you find the best stocks to invest in?

Each of us have our own method for how to pick stocks to invest in with some relying on hot tips, while others use professionals or stock tipping reports, and some people just like the company because they use their products. There are also those who apply ...

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Over the past twenty years, at both commercial and social events, I have met literally thousands of people who invest in the stock market. Inevitably, the conversation always gets around to their portfolio and how they select stocks they want to buy and sell. A common theme among many of these people is a firmly held belief that all they need to be successful in the stock market is a ...

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Learning to invest in the stock market is one of the most valuable skills you can develop. It is also one that will make you a lot of money, if you have the right strategy and developed the skills to select the right stocks.

I am often asked by many investors and traders “How do I develop a watch list of stocks to invest in”, so today I will share five tips to ...

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When it comes to investing, timing the stock market is crucial for your long term success. However, there is a common misunderstanding that "time in the market" is how you make money when investing.

But all successful traders know that it’s not time in the market but timing the stock market that makes you wealthy overtime. Let me explain.

Would you hold a share in ...

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