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Image for the post titled as 7 Tips to Reduce Your Trading Risks

The stock market can seem like a minefield for uneducated traders who don’t understand the risks of trading. If you are someone who believes that the stock market is risky and/or you worry about losing money, then you are probably like so many others who apply a hit and miss approach to their trading.

The reality is that many take on too much risk when trading the stock ...

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Image for the post titled as Mastering Trading Psychology in the Share Market

In this weeks US Stock Market Report, Dale Gillham discusses some interesting research on the behavior of traders and highlights the steps you need to follow that will enable you to master your psychology when trading the stock market. 

He will also discuss the US market and where it is heading as well as cover a number of stocks of interest.

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Image for the post titled as Day Trading - What is a Day Trader?

It seems that today, more than ever before, when I talk to people, they tell me that their end goal is to become a “day trader”. When I ask what day trading means to them, I usually get a myriad of responses based on ignorance because, all too often, individuals fall prey to the myth that trading more often means they will make far more money. But in reality, the opposite ...

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Image for the post titled as A Guide to Share Trading

Have you always wanted to get into the share market, but not really known where to start? Have you seen your friends and family make money, and wished you could have a piece of the pie? Well, we’re here to help you with a guide to share trading.

Even if you only have a small amount of start-up cash to invest, if you make some wise investment choices, you can get your money ...

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Image for the post titled as 10 Top Share Tips

There are many myths and misconceptions communicated by those in the financial services industry that are designed to keep you from achieving real wealth. 

So, how does someone who is inexperienced and losing money, or achieving very mediocre returns work out what they should be doing? In this article, we uncover the 10 top share tips that will dispel many of the myths that are ...

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