Many of our clients have asked us why we have never spoken out about the truth regarding the Wealth Within Scammers website.

So we thought we would put pen to paper to explain how this website came about so you can make an informed decision.

As many people and businesses are experiencing with the internet, you can have faceless trolls write untruths with the intent of doing damage to someone’s reputation and/or business.

So why would someone write such a bogus story about Wealth Within.

Because the individual responsible was caught stealing intellectual property from our business!

The individual then filed a false claim in the Magistrates court in September 2013, which was withdrawn in mid-2014 as the evidence we provided did not support his claims.

While we are not here to pump our chest, we do want to provide you with a different perspective from which to consider what has been written, so you can make a truly informed decision, as we are proud of what we have achieved for our clients and what they have achieved in trading the stock market.

If you don’t know, Wealth Within is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) that is scrutinized by the government to ensure we meet the high standards required of an RTO.

AQSA, as the regulatory body for RTO’s, audited Wealth Within in March 2018 and identified that we had no non-compliance's related to the courses and support we provide.

When conducting the audit, AQSA also surveys the clients that are enrolled in our courses, among other things, as do we when a student completes their enrolment, and we have continued to maintain very high standards since commencing the RTO in 2005.

As testament to the quality and outcomes of the courses we offer including the support provided, our students have continually rated them highly with:

  • 89% rating them as excellent,
  • 6% rating them as very good, and
  • 5% rating them as good.

But don’t take our word for it, you can review the many testimonials and success stories of our clients by viewing the:

In addition to this, the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment is independently recognized by:

ASIC Training Register - Wealth Within's courses have been recognized by ASIC in providing the knowledge and skill for professionals to meet their obligations in the industry related to trading securities.

Pathways into Universities - On completion of the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment students may be eligible for credit towards the Bachelor of Business (Finance) at institutions both locally and offshore subject to meeting the universities entry requirements.

Continuous Professional Development – The course is recognized by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) with 75 CPD points awarded on completion of the course (the second highest award for CPD points in Australia).

I am sure you would agree that these organizations would not give the course the recognition it has, if the claims on the Wealth Within Scammers website were true.

The course is also competency based, which means there is independent evidence that on completion you will be competent and confident in the application of the techniques and strategies taught.

Why is this important to you?

Because before you invest money learning how to trade, you need to know that the education you receive actually delivers results and supports you to achieve your financial goals.

Some of you have also asked about the fines we received from ASIC.

If you review the information on ASIC’s website, you will find that we were fined in relation to the returns we quoted on our website for our individually managed account service.

We paid PKF Chartered Accountants to develop the formula to report the returns and these were audited on an annual basis by PKF since 2005.

We presented this information to ASIC and while this was accepted, they wanted an additional letter from PKF.

Unfortunately, in the year that ASIC undertook the review, the business practice of PKF that audited the returns had moved to BDO Melbourne and the partners at BDO were not prepared to write a statement to ASIC.

That said, they did compensate us for the fines as they had recognized we had relied on their advice (of the partners who had moved to BDO) in promoting the returns on our website.

If you would like to talk to our clients to understand the quality of the education we provide, please contact us on 800 413 2342.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about the courses we offer, click here.